Our Milestones

Mar, 2004
Tokyu Land Corp. (TLC) organized first private residential fund.
Apr, 2005
TLC organized first private commercial property fund.
Feb, 2007
Tokyu Land Capital Management Inc. (TLCM) established.
Jul, 2007
Private investment fund business transferred from TLC.
Sep, 2007
TLCM organized first private commercial property fund.
Dec, 2007
Asset management business involving office investment funds organized by TLC subcontracted to TLCM (business transfer from TLC).
Jan, 2008
Private residential fund organized (targeting large-scale residential properties in central Tokyo).
Jan, 2008
TLCM's AUM exceeds 400 billion JPY for the first time.
Apr, 2009
First subcontracting of asset-management business from another firm to TLCM (central urban commercial facilities).
Aug, 2009
Private office fund organized (targeting Class-S offices in urban centers).
Mar, 2010
Private residential fund organized (full-equity fund).
Dec, 2011
Asset management business subcontracted from another firm. (large-scale outlet mall in the local city).
Sep, 2012
Private residential fund organized (for domestic pention funds).
Nov, 2013
Private logistics fund organized (targeting logistics facilities in the suburbs of central Tokyo).
Mar, 2014
Broadia Private REIT, Inc. launched.
Sep, 2015
Asset management business (wholly-owned by TLC via 30 SPCs) subcontracted from TLC.
Sep, 2015
TLCM's AUM exceeds 900 billion JPY.
Mar, 2016
Broadia Private REIT, Inc.'s AUM exceeds 100 billion JPY.
Mar, 2017
Transfer of Asset management bussiness of Broadia Private Reit,Inc. to TLC REIT management,Inc.