Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (As of April 1, 2008 Amended on September 24, 2015)

Tokyu Land Capital Management Inc. (hereinafter TLCM) recognizes the importance of handling our clients' personal information carefully and promises to provide better products and services for our clients by carrying out the following measures to dutifully protect such information.

1. (Execution Policy)
TLCM recognizes that the proper protection and use of personal information is an important social responsibility and in the due course of carrying out its various business activities, promises to comply with the Privacy Protection Act and other relevant laws and guidelines, etc.
2. (Company-wide System)
With regard to privacy protection and the system of handling personal information, TLCM will not only set down company-wide regulations and necessary rules for each business activity, but also assign a supervisor in each department, etc. and construct a compliance system for the protection of privacy.
3. (Proper Acquisition)
In the event that TLCM requires personal information from any of our clients, we will do so through proper and legal means and only for the intention of achieving the clearly stated purpose for its use.
4. (Purpose of Use)
TLCM will only use the personal information for achieving the purpose of use and never for anything more than that.
5. (Restriction on provision to third party)
Apart from having received prior consent from the client or having to abide by a regulation, TLCM will not provide or disclose a client's personal information to a third party without consent.
6. (Disclosure of, correction, addition, and deletion of contents of, termination of use of, and elimination of possessed personal data in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information)
With respect to each customer's personal data that we possess, we will respond promptly in a reasonable and appropriate manner to any customer's request if any customer requests to disclose or correct, etc. such customers' possessed personal data. We will carry out identity verification steps before taking any procedure mentioned above. Administrative fees determined by our company will be charged for disclosure procedures, etc.
7. (Safety Management Measures)
In order to keep our clients' personal information accurate and up-to-date, TLCM will handle the information with extreme care, and put up preventive and safety measures to ensure that the information is not accessed illegally, lost, destroyed, altered or leaked. In addition, when TLCM entrusts a third party to acquire and manage any personal information, we will supervise and ensure that the third party fulfills the responsibility of managing the personal information with the same care.
8. (Staff Education)
TLCM will train its entire staff in privacy protection to drive home its importance throughout the company.
9. (Constant reexaminations of company-wide system)
With regard to the regulations and organizational structure related to the handling of personal information, TLCM will constantly reexamine and revise them to ensure that effective and reasonable operations are continuously carried out.
10. (Exemption)
Links to external homepages are provided on our homepage, but TLCM bears no responsibility for any contents related to the protection of privacy, etc. found in these homepages.

Purposes for the Use of Personal Information

1. TLCM uses the personal information it has acquired for the following purposes
  • (1)

    to carry out solicitation and other business activities related to the real estate rental business and contract-related administrative procedures therefor

  • (2)

    to carry out solicitation and other business activities related to the investment consultation business for real estate, securities, and other financial assets and contract-related administrative procedures

  • (3)

    to verify the identity of opposite parties, etc. in respect of any transactions. in accordance with the Law for Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds

  • (4)

    to analyze market trends for the above-mentioned businesses, customer satisfaction surveys and product development surveys

  • (5)

    to execute our duties and exercise our rights and handling attendant issues

  • (6)

    to make disclose to third parties to the extent necessary for our appropriate performance of our business

2. TLCM may use the personal information it has properly acquired from the following media for the purposes stated in (1) to (5) above.
  • (1) Real estate registers
  • (2) Cadastral maps
  • (3) Business registers
  • (4) Credit Bureaus
  • (5) Other appropriately and legally disclosed personal information

Disclosure, correction, termination of use, etc. in respect of personal information, and enquiries on personal information

Corporate Planning & Administration Department Personal Information Enquiries
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