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Company Directory of the TFHD Group

By building a network capable of providing total support through all aspects of the living environment, Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group (TFHD group) will continue to meet the needs of its customers through business development suited to current needs.

Tokyu Hands, Inc.

Tokyu Hands, Inc.

Tokyu Sports Oasis Inc.

Tokyu Sports Oasis Inc.

Tokyu Stay

Tokyu Stay

  • Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation

    Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation

    It is a pure holding company that has management functions of the TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS GROUP.

  • Tokyu Land Corporation

    Tokyu Land Corporation

    As a comprehensive developer, Tokyu Land Corporation draw on its abundant menu of solutions to provide a wide range of services to meet customer real estate needs, including superior consulting services and solutions.

  • Tokyu Community Corporation


    Tokyu Community is a comprehensive real estate management company that proposes a comfortable housing environment, support for the business environment, and improvements in the asset value of facilities, with a proven track record in managing facilities such as condominiums, buildings and public properties.

  • Tokyu Livable, Inc.

    TOKYU LIVABLE, INC. (Japanese)

    With Purchase/Sale Brokerage, Rental brokerage, Sales Agency, Real Estate Sales, and Real Estate Solutions as its five business pillars, Tokyu Livable operates a comprehensive real estate distribution business. It responds to a diverse array of real estate needs, ranging from housing to real estate investment and operation.

  • Tokyu Hands, Inc.


    Aiming to help create living culture, Tokyu Hands operates department stores specializing in living, lifestyles, handcraft-related tools, materials and parts.

  • Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation

    Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation (Japanese)

    The residential leasing operations of TOKYU COMMUNITY, TOKYU LIVABLE, and Tokyu Relocation were integrated to form a single business, which was launched on April 1, 2015. By pooling the resources of the three companies, we intend to provide services that exceed expectations and meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers.

  • Tokyu Homes Corporation


    Tokyu Homes acts as a comprehensive housing solution provider that proposes and implements the richest housing solutions to customers according to their lifestyles, such as new construction, renovations, interior finishing and housing care.

  • Tokyu Sports Oasis Inc.

    TOKYU SPORTS OASIS Inc. (Japanese)

    Tokyu Sports Oasis operates membership-based fitness clubs chiefly in the Tokyo and Osaka areas. They provide a broad array of programs ranging from full exercise to relaxation to meet customers' needs with the aim of evolving into the most trusted clubs in their respective communities.

  • Ishikatsu Exterior, Inc.


    Ishikatsu Exteria boasts a total engineering system that integrates artisanal techniques with planning and design capabilities to engage in environmental development for housing and resort facilities through gardening.

  • TLC REIT management , Inc.

    TLC REIT management , Inc.

    TLC REIT management,a member of TFHD Grouo,is asset management company of 3 REITs,as Activia Properties,Inc.,Comforia Residential Reit,Inc.,and Broadia Private Reit,Inc.

  • Ewel Inc.

    EWEL,Inc. (Japanese)

    As an employee benefits outsourcer, Ewel harnesses its extensive experience and expertise in employee benefits services to provide consistent solutions that encompass consulting, system construction, institutional operation, and the offering of individual services.



    Tokyu Land SC Management engages in operation, management, planning and consulting with regard to commercial facilities in a bid to create unique, lively and attractive commercial facilities and spaces and thereby to contribute to regional development and society.

  • Tokyu Stay Co., Ltd.

    Tokyu Stay Co., Ltd.

    Tokyu Stay operates extended-stay hotels mainly in the Tokyo area. Based on the concept of "a hotel space that is a home away from home," through the pursuit of comfort and flexible product planning Tokyu Stay aims to provide hotels that will be eternally popular, designing them in accordance with the times and tailored to the needs of guests.

  • Tokyu Resort Service Inc.

    Tokyu Resort Service Co., Ltd (Japanese)

    Tokyu Resort Service is a general resort management company that engages in management of resort facilities. As a company making resort entertainment proposals, Tokyu Resort Service aims to the leading company in resort management.

  • Tokyu Resort Corporation


    In Tokyu Report, experts in cottage resorts give assistance to provide customers with new commissioned sales and brokerage services for cottages around the country, including second detached houses, resort condominiums, and the Tokyu Harvest Club membership-based resort hotels.

  • TOKYU E-LIFE DESIGN Inc.(Japanese)

    TOKYU E-LIFE DESIGN Inc.(Japanese)

    Capitalizing on its expertise in housing and facility operation, Tokyu E-Life Design manages and operates comfortable and reassuring senior housing and pay nursing homes where elderly residents can enjoy a safe and comfortable life.



    TOKYU LAND INDONEDIA operates an urban real estate business that includes real estate sales, leasing of owned property, and property management and operation in Indonesia. With full access to the resources and know-how of the TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS Group, TOKYU LAND INDONESIA strives to be the leading Japanese-affiliated developer in Indonesia.

  • Tokyu Fudosan R&D Center Inc.(Japanese)

    Tokyu Fudosan R&D Center Inc.(Japanese)

    The company aims to solve social issues and create new value on the theme "Evolution of Cities and Lifestyles″ by identifying, nurturing and implementing next-generation technologies and business seeds.