About Us

Our Team

Our teams provide the expertise needed to direct investors to real estate investment products tailored to meet their specific needs.

The Investment Planning Team

Develop New Areas of Business, Leveraging the Diverse Skill Sets within Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group:
The Investment Planning Team seeks to expand TLCM's business fields from real estate into other alternative real asset classes, including infrastructure and renewable energy. We will offer a wide range of investment opportunities to our clients.

The Investor Relations Team

Product Planning Based on Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group's Deep Experience and Thorough Knowledge of Real Estate Investment:
The Investor Relations Team provides a broad range of real estate management services for both domestic and global investors, from investment planning to execution, based on a thorough understanding each client's individual investment criteria. Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group (TFHD Group) has a compelling track record of real estate investment over many years, and we apply that experience to offering suitable investment products to our clients.

The Structuring and Transaction Team

Applying our discerning eye as a member of a developer-led group of companies to identify and select properties:
By selecting outstanding properties and approaching real estate transaction flows with a precise understanding of investor needs, the Structuring and Transaction Team creates optimal investment strategies tailored to specific investment goals. Based on years of experience and a discerning eye for the real estate market, it selects outstanding, highly competitive properties within their respective submarkets and converts them into attractive investment opportunities.

Agility in deal execution:
The professionals that make up this team identify investment opportunities based on comprehensive due diligence and adherence to proper protocol, an approach that confers sound, yet agile deal-making capabilities. Backed by a solid track record and the trust TLCM has earned as a the TFHD Group company, the professionals provide clients with optimal debt management services, helping them select financing strategies that best meet their needs.

The Portfolio Management Team

Office and Commerce:
As a long-standing, comprehensive real-estate organization, the TFHD Group draws on a wealth of management experience with office buildings and commercial facilities accumulated over the years. The Portfolio Management Team (Office and Commerce) provides superior service, including high-quality operational and management services handled directly by specialist firms within the Group, to maintain and improve asset values while optimizing tenant satisfaction.
To date, the team has engaged in investment real estate transactions through networks that incorporate numerous institutional investors. The team's proposals for fund exits maximize investment returns based on close studies of property features and conditions within real estate and financial markets.

In March 2004, the Comforia Residential Fund was the first private fund established within the TFHD Group. Since then, the Group has established and managed nine additional funds based on based on outstanding properties within Tokyo's 23 wards, located in specific regions characterized by stable rental demand, including funds that have already reached the exit stage.

The Portfolio Management Team (Residence) closely monitors the rapidly evolving market and works with property managers to optimize funds management, deploying agile leasing efforts and effective renovation strategies to increase asset value and maximize investment returns.